RECON implemented the vertical expansion of a red mud waste impoundment (Mud Lake No. 3) for bauxite residue for a mining company. 

rig on site
  • Proposed an alternative method to build levees from dried red mud to store more byproducts processing 1,000,000 cubic yards of material annually within 200-acre impoundments
  • Processed and placed over 2,000,000 in-place cubic yards of processed spent bauxite material two months ahead of schedule
  • Exceeded the original volume goal while maintaining cost per cubic yard below the client’s targeted goal
  • Used RECON’s proprietary Low Solids Stabilization technology to build levees higher and steeper, and create a smaller footprint to increase air space
  • Ran six to eight Terex 30-ton off-road trucks hauling material daily

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