As a leader in soil stabilization and remediation, we provide alternative approaches to standard construction practices that will resolve environmental concerns as well as create usable real estate for further development and growth for our client’s large capital improvement projects.

Whether biological, chemical or physical contamination, soil matrixes are arguably the most challenging medium to treat. To meet these challenges, RECON has perfected many technologies such as chemical oxidation, phosphate stabilization, and other proprietary contaminant-immobilizing techniques. Our remediation technologies for contaminated soils vary with the type and volume of contaminant, the location of the contaminated strata, and the soil type.

Through stabilization, we can reduce the mobility of hazardous substances and contaminants in the environment through both physical and chemical means. Instead of removing the contaminated material and amassing the removal and backfill costs, we use a special blend of reagents to trap or immobilize contaminants within the contaminated soil or sludge. To ensure that contaminants do not leach through the contaminated materials, leachability testing is typically performed.

In addition to remediating contaminated soil and sludge, RECON’s stabilization techniques can improve the bearing capacity of the soil or sludge to allow foundation construction at locations otherwise thought unusable. We have also been able to take unusable land and make it suitable for storm water impoundments, parking lots, and temporary access roads in order to provide support before, during, and after our client’s large remedial projects. Our employees also have hands-on experience with dozens of different proven mixes and reagents, including our own patented reagent blend, low solids stabilization (LSS®).

Our extensive inventory of mixing tools enables our team to deliver flexible and reliable in-house services for both small and large scale projects. Our mixing tools include:

  • Excavator Mixing
  • Auger mixing
  • Allu mixing tools