SOLV-IT® cosolvent non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) remediation is a patented process combining dual-phase / multi-phase extraction (DPE/MPE) with viscosity reducing cosolvents. This remediation technology targets sites impacted with either light or dense non-aqueous phase liquids (LNAPL and DNAPL) that are highly viscous. This technology is ideal for the effective recovery and remediation of contaminates such as MGP coal tar, creosote, crude oil, and No. 6 (bunker) fuel oil.

The SOLV-IT® remediation process facilitates the removal of viscous NAPL from a site’s subsurface through the introduction of proprietary cosolvents and biosolvents into the NAPL in order to reduce its viscosity.  In a second step, proprietary surfactants act to mobilize the contaminates so that they may be recovered with our mobile dual-phase / multi-phase extraction (DPE/MPE) units. The ability to effectively remove viscous NAPL with the SOLV-IT® and SURFAC® remediation technologies is a breakthrough for environmental groundwater remediation that can provide a cost-effective in situ alternative for rapid site regulatory closure.

Treatability studies and site pilot tests are normally conducted prior to a full field implementation of SOLV-IT® NAPL remediation in order to develop a site specific approach that is both effective and economical.  Contact RECON today to assess the applicability of SOLV-IT® for your site today!