Solidification alters the physical condition of a liquid or semi-solid to a solid. In most cases this process is reversible and will re-hydrate and lose strength when submersed for an extended period of time.

Solidification activities are used using reagents such as RECON’s patented LSS Reagent blend, fly ash, bed ash, cement kiln dust (CKD), lime kiln dust (LKD), Portland cement, blast furnace slag, bentonite, GAC, and attapulgite.

Solidification requires using proper mixing tools to cause the reagent and the matrix requiring stabilization to come in contact. RECON uses the following equipment to create these contact reactions:

  • Vertical Auger Mixer
  • Multi-Auger mixer (also used for deep soil mixing)
  • Bucket mixing
  • Pug Mills
  • Pulva-Mixer
  • Allu-Mixer