Groundwater Passive Treatment Systems: 

Passive treatment systems are used to permit groundwater flow through specific treatment media. Contaminants in the groundwater react with the installed treatment medium and are either degraded, precipitated or absorbed in situ depending on the type of contaminant and treatment system.

Ongoing chemical treatment of contaminated materials is a costly and long-term liability. Through passive treatment systems, RECON has been able to provide clients with cost-effective and time-saving alternatives to remediate contaminated groundwater. Passive treatment systems take advantage of naturally occurring environmental processes, such as chemical and biological, to cleanse contaminated waters. Some passive treatment systems RECON maintains includes iron filing walls, funnel and gate systems, passive bioTrenches, permeable reactive barrier walls and built-in filtration systems.

Groundwater Recovery Systems

RECON’s recovery systems are used to remove contaminated groundwater by drawing groundwater from wells and treating them for contaminated soil, water, air or gas. RECON has used recovery systems such as hydrocarbon groundwater, leachate, air stripping, and soil vapor extraction. RECON oversees the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of our recovery systems.

RECON’s project managers, construction managers, and superintendents have worked on more than 200 Soil Vapor Extraction and Groundwater Extraction and Treatment Systems projects which have included over 1 million linear feet of PVC, stainless steel and HDPE piping. Recovery systems have been a beneficial method of remediation for clients in the petroleum industry. RECON has been involved in more than 100 fuel system construction projects, including more than a dozen “new” petroleum supply station construction projects, fuel system upgrades on more than 40 active petroleum supply stations, and installation of over 30 above-ground storage tank systems.

Groundwater Pump and Treat Systems

Pump and treat systems are another method that RECON offers for remediating groundwater contaminated with chemicals such as industrial solvents, metals, or fuel oils. To complete the process, groundwater is pumped from an extraction well within the contaminated groundwater to an above-ground treatment system. The treatment system will then remove contaminants using the following methods:

  • Soil Vapor Extraction
  • Oil Water Separators
  • Air Strippers
  • Granular Activated Carbon
  • Thermal Oxidizers
  • Pumping Systems
    • Submersibles
    • Skimmer Pumps
    • Pneumatic Pumps
    • PD Pumps

Once the water meets the necessary regulatory standards, it can be discarded or reused.