Soil stabilization reduces the mobility of hazardous substances in the environment through both physical and chemical means. Instead of removing the contaminated material and amassing the removal and backfill costs, RECON uses a special blend of reagents to immobilize contaminants within the contaminated soil or sludge. RECON has extensive knowledge of soil conditions as well as treatment options as well as equipment and techniques which may be applicable. RECON’s understanding of the challenges posed by various conditions, its knowledge of the advantages and limitations of each treatment option, and technique enables our team to deliver the best application technique for each specific situation.

Benefits of using RECON’s soil stabilization techniques:

  • Low cost solution
  • No additional costs for material removal, hauling and disposal, or maintenance
  • Permanently increases strength of subgrade
  • Increased soil bearing capacity which can be used to expand plant functionality
    • Parking lots
    • Access roads
    • Tank farms
    • Wastewater impoundments