Over the past 25 years, RECON has developed and improved various technologies used for environmental remediation and geotechnical construction purposes. Many of our technologies are alternative solutions to complex problems that would otherwise have costly and long-term project durations. By using these alternative technologies, we have saved our clients’ significant costs and reduced project schedules all while providing long-term and value-added solutions.

Our technologies include:


  • Biopolymer Trench

    Biopolymer Trench, environmental remediation, geotechnical construction

    The recovery of contaminated groundwater from tight formations can be accelerated by the use of recovery trenches. One cost effective method RECON utilizes to construct…
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  • Bioremediation

    Bioremediation Contractor

    Bioremediation treats most organic contaminant impacted soils by enhancing naturally occurring organisms to metabolize organic contaminants ultimately resulting in CO2, water, and biomass. In general…
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  • Chemical Grouting

    chemical grouting, jet grouting,

    RECON’s grouting mehods provide solutions to a variety of complex geotechnical problems. We self perform work with owned equipment with our experienced operators. Our in-house…
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  • Deep Soil Mixing

    deep soil mixing, soil mixing, environmental remediation

    Deep Soil Mixing (DSM) is a soil improvement technology used to treat soils in situ to improve strength, reduce compressibility, and decrease permeability. The process…
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  • Diaphragm Walls

    diaphragm wall, geotechnical construction, environmental remediation, geotechnical contractor, cutoff walls, groundwater controls

    Diaphragm walls are structural concrete walls built utilizing the slurry excavation technique. The walls are generally excavated under a bentonite slurry in panels and reinforced...
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  • Jet Grouting

    jet grouting, geotechnical construction, environmental remediation

    Jet grouting is a soil improvement technique used for modifying a soils strength and permeability. To complete this process, RECON injects grout or binders into...
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  • Permeation Grouting

    permeation grouting, jet grouting

    RECON’s grouting methods provide solutions to a variety of complex geotechnical solutions. We self perform work on own equipment with our experienced operators. Our in-house…
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  • Radioactive Soil Sorting


    Radioactive contamination poses a threat to local ecosystems and the surrounding communities. Whether the materials are naturally occurring or a byproduct of industrial activity, the...
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  • Reactive Barrier Walls

    Barrier Wall

    Reactive barriers are used to permit groundwater flow through specific treatment media. Contaminants in the groundwater react with the installed treatment medium and are either…
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  • Secant Piles

    secant piles, geotechnical construction,

    Secant pile walls are composed of reinforced, interlocking, concrete piles, cast-in-place to form a wall. RECON forms secant pile walls by constructing a series of…
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  • Slurry Walls

    slurry walls, slurry trench, environmental remediation, geotechnical construction

    Groundwater control technologies include a variety of applications including slurry walls or slurry trenches. These barriers are designed to stop groundwater from migrating into a...
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  • Soil Mixing

    soil mixing

    Soil mixing is a construction technique that introduces an engineered grout or other reagent into the ground to modify the physical or chemical characteristics of…
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  • Soil Stabilization

    soil stabilization, coal fly ash stabilization

    As a leader in soil stabilization and remediation, we provide alternative approaches to standard construction practices that will resolve environmental concerns as well as create...
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  • Sheet Piling

    sheet piling, geotechnical construction, groundwater control

    Sheet piling is an earth retention support technology to retain soil by using interlocking steel, vinyl, or wood sheet sections. Sheet piles are installed sequentially…
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  • Coal Combustion Residuals / CCRs

    CCR management systems and wet impoundments have been a focus at coal-fired facilities due to mandates by the EPA and state regulations regarding the disposal…
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  • Dual Phase / Multi-Phase Vacuum Extraction

    Dual-phase / multi-phase extraction (DPE/MPE) is a general term for technologies that extract volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) in soil vapor and groundwater simultaneously. Multi-phase extraction...
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