RECON owns a strategic fleet of 450 pieces of specialized equipment valued at over 30 million dollars. Our equipment inventory is comprised of numerous cranes, heavy equipment, excavators and other specialized equipment needed to properly execute environmental remediation, geotechnical or civil construction projects. In order to complete our complex projects efficiently, we customize our equipment to provide capabilities that go beyond the traditional equipment scope.

RECON’s ability to quickly mobilize by transporting and customizing our equipment for each project is an essential part of our success. We have full service equipment shops where we can customize our equipment to meet project needs and mobilize quickly.

Our extensive inventory of equipment enables our team to deliver flexible and reliable in-house services for both small and large scale projects while meeting our clients’ scope of work, schedule and budget. We use our own specially designed and fabricated equipment tools to customize our equipment to meet desired applications. These specialty tools allow us to enhance our equipment and provide innovative application technologies that optimize construction schedules, which provide valuable savings to our clients.

Our equipment fleet includes: long reach excavators, hydraulic crawler cranes, LGP dozers, off-road haul trucks, reagent mix plants, soil mixing drill rigs and waste reduction process equipment; and has the following features:

  • Over 450 pieces of specialized construction equipment.
  • Cranes equipped with hydraulic and mechanical grabs, chisels, and jay attachments.
  • Compaction equipment equipped with pad or smooth drums.
  • Larger industrial dozers that feature extra wide tracks for low ground pressure and cab and air for environmental safety for operator.
  • Deep soil mixing rigs with an assortment of various mixing tools and depth ranges, hydraulic soil mixers with attachments for dry and slurry applications, jet grouting rigs, and slurry mix plants.
  • A large inventory of slurry trench and long reach excavators with thumb attachments, heavy duty booms, buckets, and hydraulic capabilities.
  • Off-road, on-road heavy trucks, light vehicles and utility trailers to provide support during project duration.