Sheet piling is an earth retention support technology to retain soil by using interlocking steel, vinyl, or wood sheet sections. Sheet piles are installed sequentially to a designated depth along a predetermined perimeter. Due to the interlocking sheet piles, they do not only provide retain soil, they can provide lateral earth support, slope stabilization, and reduce groundwater flow.

Not only is RECON experienced in installing steel sheet piling, RECON has also installed vinyl sheets to serve as effective support structures and retention barriers. Vinyl sheet piling is an alternative to heavy steel due to its overall handling (one person can pick up a twenty-foot sheet and carry it) and extremely low permeability. Vinyl sheeting has an extremely low permeability rate through the interlocks. It has been measured through studies conducted by the Corp of Engineers to have permeability as low as 2.5 x 10-10 cm/sec. The alternative solution of using vinyl sheet piling allows RECON to help clients keep costs low, optimize the construction process and reduce installation time.


Illustration of sheet piling construction: