RECON Celebrates 3 Years Without a Recordable Incident

Remedial Construction Services, L.P. is proud to announce a remarkable safety record achievement! On October, 22, 2016, the company celebrated three years without a recordable incident. This equates to 1,096 days and 2,424,949 man-hours without a recordable injury as well as zero lost time injuries and zero days away from work.

“This milestone reflects a broad commitment by our leadership team and most importantly, our exceptional craft workforce.  We have a remarkable safety culture at RECON and our achievements are living proof what tenacity and hard work can yield.  I am so very proud and honored to be a part of something so special.  Knowing our employees work for one of the safest companies in the world is very a satisfying reality.  We will soon commemorate our achievement with a widespread video production of our leadership team and field employees while allowing them to share what safety at RECON means to them and we look forward to sharing that as well,” stated  Jerry Mason, President and CEO.

“We work hard every day to maintain a safe work environment. We work in an industry where handling contamination and operating large equipment are routine activities.  Providing a safety program and building a safety culture aimed at promoting the well-being and safety of our employees for the sake of their families is paramount,” added Stephen Berry, Corporate Director of Health and Safety.