Our company has over 25 years of experience in the environmental remediation, geotechnical and civil construction arena.  Clients who team with RECON in a project’s pre-planning stage benefit greatly from our team’s vast “first hand” experience.  Early involvement allows our team to identify project challenges and opportunities while allowing ample time to act on and benefit from our findings and recommendations.  RECON prides itself on identifying solutions that provide additional cost and schedule savings to our clients through the use of constructability reviews and design enhancements, the application of alternative construction technologies, and rigorous scheduling optimization efforts.

Benefit from our experience – involve RECON in the pre-planning phase of your next project. 

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Project Controls

Our project controls system, procedures, and processes provide our employees with industry leading knowledge and techniques that drive project efficiency. This means a faster turnaround of project information that can be used for critical management decisions. 

RECON’s project control team provides open communication through client alignment meetings and detailed reporting which creates a responsible and accountable combination for success. A project outcome can only be optimized when all parties communicate project-wide ownership of budgets, schedules and change management.

RECON utilizes the following project control measures to help ensure our clients’ goals are met or exceeded:

  • Use of benchmarks and historic project performance to develop realistic estimates
  • Establishing “baseline” cost, schedule, and productivity estimates/targets
  • Use of critical path method scheduling analysis & optimization
  • Weekly client schedule and project coordination meetings
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly project reporting
  • Quantity based progress tracking by commodity
  • Key performance indicator development, tracking & reporting
  • Labor productivity tracking and reporting
  • Application of Job to Date (JTD) cost analysis with Estimate to Complete (ETC) forecasting
  • Documented project close-out & lessons learned process


Project Execution Plan

When a project is awarded to RECON, our team establishes a project execution plan which serves as the framework to assure that the necessary human, equipment, and technology resources are deployed in a manner which supports the project’s goals and objectives.

The project execution plan requires input from the estimating, engineering, procurement and construction teams to be effective.  RECON collaborates with our clients to assure that the combined team’s full experience in each of these disciplines is incorporated into the Project Execution Plan.  This effort also results in a comprehensive and optimized project schedule and budget while simultaneously establishing the project’s baseline target(s) that actual performance is measured against.

RECON utilizes multiple tools to develop our project execution plan including:

  • Benchmarking and lessons learned from prior projects
  • Engineering & constructability reviews
  • Development of commodity & resource histograms/curves
  • Critical path scheduling analysis using Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project
  • Risk Assessments and development of contingency budgets where appropriate
  • Budget / Cost Analysis and optimization using Estimating Link software
  • Development of procurement schedule and “buy out” plans
  • Construction schedule
  • Project turnover schedule