Date February 27, 2014

Site Restoration of a Former Oil Field


Due to strict site restrictions, RECON had to follow over 1,200 permit conditions.

Project Solutions

RECON was awarded this contract in 2005 with work was performed under an IDIQ, Time and Materials, contract for a major oil company. Scope of work included stockpile removals and excavation activities.

  • ¬†Mobilized transportation vehicles and loading equipment on site.
  • Transported soils from the TBB stockpile/depository by loading 10 trucks each, three times a day. A total of 500,000 cubic yards of impacted material is expected to be removed from the various stockpiles on the site.
  • Installed sheet pile and a dewatering system around each of the excavation in order to excavate 500,000 cubic yards of impacted soils from highly sensitive coastal dunes.
  • Removed and transported the hydrocarbon-impacted materials from various locations on the site to the TB8 stockpile/depository for future transportation offsite.
  • Backfilled using clean overburden material and onsite borrow material excavated areas.