Date August 7, 2015

Project Solutions:

RECON was contracted by the client to perform sediment removal and wetland and stream restoration at this federally directed and state administerednational priorities list site. The site previously was a manufacturing plant for light bulbs.

Services performed on this site included excavation, stream diversion, water filtration, transportation and disposal, backfill and compaction, and restoration. Over the course of the project, RECON:

  • Removed 1.41 acres of trees and brushes;
  • Removed 3,443 cubic yards of arsenic- and lead-impacted sediment;
  • Material handled 6,845 tons;
  • Backfilled and compacted 3,200 tons; and
  • Restored 1.41 acres, including 1.41 acres of seeding and planting over 100 trees and over 250 shrubs.

RECON was able to identify a flaw in the client’s restoration design that failed to properly dissipate the energy of the creek flow at the culvert discharge points.  RECON offered the customer with a design solution and installed energy dissipaters to the satisfaction of the customer, property owner, and state.

Sediment Removal and Wetland Stream Restoration