Date February 27, 2014


The subsurface conditions presented several challenges. The site borings were not completely representative of what existed at the site. RECON and the prime contractor excavated several areas to show that these conditions were not as represented by the borings. The plans were then modified to allow the installation of the sheet piling in a slightly different alignment while still providing the USACE the product they required.

Project Solutions

RECON was contracted to install approximately 1,600 linear feet of sheet piling along the Rio Grande River that borders with Mexico. Work was completed within the Hidalgo International Bridge complex. Over the course of the project, RECON:

  • Installed sheet piling along the Rio Grande River using owned equipment.
  • Installed 57 foot long pairs of PZC 13 sheets into the ground using own Bauer RG-20 with the MR 125 vibratory hammer machine. Each pair or section of sheet piling was 57 feet tall and 4.65 feet wide.
  • Vibrated and drove section into the ground to desired depths.
  • Installed a sleeve in one 20 foot section to allow an existing fiber optic phone line to penetrate the sheet piling wall without the need for shutting down or cutting and splicing the fiber optic line.