Date February 27, 2014


A hazard assessment was performed prior to the building demolition and all asbestos, mercury, and PCB materials were abated and disposed of appropriately.

Project Solutions

RECON was contracted to perform several tasks at a former refinery. The original scope included the removal or abandonment of the remaining surface and subsurface structures, surface grading, and construction of a large stormwater basin. Upon mobilization, RECON:

  • Performed a hazard assessment prior to building demolition and abated and disposed of all asbestos, mercury, and PCB materials appropriately.
  • Removed the existing storm sewer, process sewer, fire protection piping, three underground storage tanks, and numerous power poles upon mobilizing.
  • Demolished and excavated over 20,000 tons of reinforced concrete from 30+ acre site using hydraulic hammers, excavators, and off-road trucks.
  • Re-graded site to establish design guides and featured necessary to manage stormwater runoff for long-term soil stability to provide a suitable base for land farming of petroleum contaminated soils.
  • Constructed an 800-linear foot by 110-linear foot stormwater basin to manage a stormwater and sediment management control basin and capture light non-aqueous phase liquids from the petroleum impacted soils.