ISCO-EFR® technology combines dual-phase / multi-phase extraction (DPE/MPE) with in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO). This unique approach has decreased contaminant levels relative to corrective action levels by 80 to 100% in nearly every project it has been utilized on to date. This process targets sites with dissolved groundwater contamination from chlorinated or non-chlorinated organic compounds for effective environmental groundwater remediation.

Advantages of ISCO-EFR® over other remediation options including the limited generation of waste materials, a safer injection protocol, minimal site disturbance, control of the contaminate plume through hydraulic gradients, and reduced cleanup time. These advantages result in savings on material, monitoring, and maintenance over our competitors.

A complete understanding of the site geology, hydrogeology, and geochemistry, as well as the contaminant profile, is necessary for the successful implementation of ISCO-EFR®.  Contact RECON today to assess the applicability of ISCO-EFR® for your site today!