Enhanced Fluid Recovery (EFR®) is a mobile dual-phase / multi-phase extraction system for environmental groundwater remediation.

EFR® removes multiple phases of hydrocarbons (liquid, dissolved, adsorbed and vapor phase) simultaneously by extracting a wider range of liquid hydrocarbons, their associated vapors, and contaminated groundwater simultaneously from multiple monitor or recovery wells. EFR® has also been highly successful in removing significant contamination from sites where other organic chemicals such as acetone or chlorinated solvents have been present in the soil and groundwater.

EFR® technology employs a combination of a specially designed truck-mounted vacuum and liquid handling systems integrated with mobile hydrocarbon vapor treatment systems (where required). A high vacuum is simultaneously applied to multiple monitor or recovery wells while using down-hole apparatus to independently control the fluid elevation in each well. Therefore, the vacuum forcefully induces contaminant liquids and vapors to be simultaneously pulled into the extraction wells from the vadose zone, capillary fringe, and the saturated zone. Extracted contaminant liquids are collected in the mobile transport unit for separation, treatment, and disposal. Harmful volatile vapor emissions are treated by the integrated vapor combustion system (if required).

The effectiveness of the EFR® process has been proven on thousands of UST sites, fuel terminals, refineries, airports, and military installations.  Contact RECON today for an applicability assessment of this technology at your site today!