Deep Soil Mixing (DSM) is a soil improvement technology used to treat soils in situ to improve strength, reduce compressibility, and decrease permeability. The process involves blending the soil with a reagent by pumping a reagent slurry through a hollow rotating Kelly bar to a mixing tool. The tool can be up to 10 feet in diameter. The rotating tool mixes the soil with the reagent slurry to form a cement column. The possolanic additives mixed with the soil or sediment will stabilize soils for construction or environmental purposes.

Deep Soil Mixing provides a safe method of construction and omits the need for deep excavations, temporary works to adjacent buildings, export of contaminated fill, and does not require importing of fill material. Deep Soil Mixing  methods reuse the existing soil, reduce the disruption on nearby utilities due to inducing low vibrations, and significantly reduce off-site disposal needs.

RECON is able to perform Deep Soil Mixing activities in a variety of different environments.