RECON provides start-to-finish site preparation and development services for clients in the energy, oil and gas, mining, chemical, governmental, waste management, and commercial industries. We have worked with our clients to successfully rehabilitate and amend soil conditions on major construction sites previously thought to be incapable of supporting construction programs.

We focus on working with our clients during the design and estimating phases of a project to assure that the “early works” program meets the project’s critical path development.

  • Drainage Systems


    Storm water drainage systems are a network of channels and underground structures that carry storm water out of a job site and into the appropriate...
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  • Underground Utilities


    Working with underground utilities includes standard practices for installing and operating various systems. These standards include addressing safety obstacles and continued maintenance.  RECON has extensive...
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  • Site Preparation


    The term site preparation covers a wide range of activities that are defined by the project’s design. However, regardless of the scope of work, site...
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  • Structural Concrete


    Structural reinforced concrete is one of the most common building materials used in the construction industry today. Structural concrete can either be precast or cast-in-place....
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